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Nestled away in bushlands like some leafy, secret jewel, Bardon is a suburb we just love working in. Full of a range of wonderfully diverse homes with a range of different materials used in the build, homes in Bardon are usually a joy to paint.

Tucked in behind the Botanical Gardens and bordering bushland, Bardon really is a nature lover's paradise. Given the age of this wonderful suburb, many of the homes are post-war and need some touch up painting, or quite often, an entire external house paint. 

If you find yourself Googling ‘house painters near me’ and are looking for a company in Bardon to paint your home, feel free to contact us at any stage. 

Bardon painters for inside and outside

TFS Painting can paint both internal and external walls no matter the condition. If you need it painted, Tony is your man!

Great Service

If you’re after someone that believes in old school customer service, Tony will ensure your experience with TFS Painting is 5 stars.

Done once, done right

If an experienced house painter is what you’re looking for, Tony has over 30 years of experience painting homes around Brisbane. Call him today.

Reasons your home might need painting

If you’ve been thinking to yourself for a while about painting your home, it’s likely you identify with some of the things in the list below. Painting the outside or inside of your home is often one of the quickest and cheapest ways to make your home really come alive with colour and vibrance. 

Even though Bardon has loads of trees and is full of parks and bushlands, we still get major storms, hot summers and cold winters which can all take its toll on your house's paint – both internal and external. 

If you’re looking at your home and identify with the items below, it might be time to give us a call:-

  • You hate the colour of the walls
  • You would like to change the colour of your paint
  • You would like to add a feature wall
  • You would like a different texture to your external walls
  • Your current paint is cracking, peeling or coming away in flakes
  • There’s gaps in the wood panelling in your home making paint flake and crack
  • Your paint is over 10-15 years old
  • You can see the wood panelling
  • Your neighbour’s home looks better than yours 
  • You’re thinking of putting your house on the market

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